RAFW Day Two…

First show on Tuesday morning was Sara Phillips at the OPT. A fun little collection – soft colours, feminine shapes and fluttering pleats. Mix that all with the running Western theme throughout and you’ve got yourself an interesting show (to the tune of Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’). Shopgirl fave Zippora was modelling on the catwalk, she’s much shorter than you think! More on the show¬†here.

Here’s a sneaky peek of what we selected from her SS11 range. We love the Chrysler Building print!

After an afternoon of shopping and sushi train we headed off to the Ellery show down at Fox studios. After a chilly 45 minute wait outside we were finally seated, and Ellery failed to disappoint. Glitter, feathers, and music so loud it made your belly rumble. High heels, flared hems and short shorts atypical of Ellery’s rock n’ roll glam aesthetic. We can’t wait for the collection to arrive in store! See a video snippet of the parade here.

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