RAFW Day Three…

What better way to start the morning than by going to a Therese Rawsthorne parade? Held at an old locomotive shed, the models really earnt their keep having to walk the length of that hangar in stilettos. The range was soft but edgy, a look that Therese has mastered. There are some great pics of the paradeĀ here. A juxtaposition of textures and shapes – washed silks were worn back with leather, and floaty, ethereal pieces were followed by fiercely structured tux jackets.

Next up was the Konstantina Mittas show. Some great pics here, note the accessories colab with (Alice stocked) 2 by Lyn and Tony.

Good tights!

We then high-tailed it to the awesome, amazing, extravagant and breathtaking Romance was Born show, held at Hogwarts, sorry – the University of Sydney. What can we say about this parade that hasn’t been said already? It was theatrical and grand, shiny and spectacular. Grazia took some amazing snaps, but you had to be there to take it all in – the incense, the masked man playing Madonna’s ‘Ray of Light’ on a grand piano as you walked up the stairs, Madonna’s ‘Like a Prayer’ playing as the models did their final lap, the Kate Rohde colab, the talons, the clapping volcano, Luke’s proud Mum, the finale… A grand affair!