THIS is why we love Tina Kalivas

Who wasn’t showing this year at RAFW? Clever gal and our Aussie hope, Tina Kalivas.  Tina – we miss you on the catwalk (just don’t mention the Dyson incident), but your images are making up for it. See the full look book for the current range at Alice now.

YSL inspired Mondrian nodding collection of yesteryear. OMG. If you own any of this collection, look after it – we want it back!

A pastel trip though the decades showing some of Tina’s favourite silhouettes. Was described by many as  ‘so wrong it’s right’. We say she’s ahead of her time!

A compendium of sleek, sexy LBD’s

Tina’s box of tricks (we’re sure she has many)

Some winners from her ‘Zarafshan’ collection, in which she worked with Afghani women living in Sydney’s outer suburbs. Read more about that here.

Did you know that Tina was nominated for an Asian Film Award for her work as costume designer on the film ‘Goemon’? And that she also worked closely with Alexander McQueen? True story.

Some pieces from her ‘Polyrhythms’ collection which is in store at Alice now.  The amazing jacket pictured on Susie Bubble will be arriving very, very shortly…

The future! A peek into Tina’s SS11 collection ‘Totem’.

For more Tina K love check out her website here. Our favourite (we’re biased) blogger Kat George also did a little piece on Tina for (small)LUST.

We love you Tina! xxx

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