RAFW Day Five…

And we’re on the home stretch! Arnsdorf was the last show we headed off to before heading back to Melbourne. A beautiful collection of prismatic perfection! The morning sun was shining through the windows of the MCA and the models were smiling! A joyous occasion, we certainly left Sydney on a high note.

Catching some rays before the show starts

RAFW Day Four…

Today was a huuuuge day for shows. First up was Gary Bigeni. Can you believe this lovable, outrageous character…

Can produce clothing that looks like this? A complete juxtaposition of personal style and what he creates, Gary Bigeni is the master of subtle drapery and minimalist sheek. We love him, and his new collection!

Next up was Dhini’s solo show… A backcombed bonanza!

And last but not least, Fernando Frisoni.

Shelley was obsessed with this matador-ish outfit

This pic is entitled ‘Our poor tired Feet’

RAFW Day Three…

What better way to start the morning than by going to a Therese Rawsthorne parade? Held at an old locomotive shed, the models really earnt their keep having to walk the length of that hangar in stilettos. The range was soft but edgy, a look that Therese has mastered. There are some great pics of the parade here. A juxtaposition of textures and shapes – washed silks were worn back with leather, and floaty, ethereal pieces were followed by fiercely structured tux jackets.

Next up was the Konstantina Mittas show. Some great pics here, note the accessories colab with (Alice stocked) 2 by Lyn and Tony.

Good tights!

We then high-tailed it to the awesome, amazing, extravagant and breathtaking Romance was Born show, held at Hogwarts, sorry – the University of Sydney. What can we say about this parade that hasn’t been said already? It was theatrical and grand, shiny and spectacular. Grazia took some amazing snaps, but you had to be there to take it all in – the incense, the masked man playing Madonna’s ‘Ray of Light’ on a grand piano as you walked up the stairs, Madonna’s ‘Like a Prayer’ playing as the models did their final lap, the Kate Rohde colab, the talons, the clapping volcano, Luke’s proud Mum, the finale… A grand affair!

RAFW Day Two…

First show on Tuesday morning was Sara Phillips at the OPT. A fun little collection – soft colours, feminine shapes and fluttering pleats. Mix that all with the running Western theme throughout and you’ve got yourself an interesting show (to the tune of Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’). Shopgirl fave Zippora was modelling on the catwalk, she’s much shorter than you think! More on the show here.

Here’s a sneaky peek of what we selected from her SS11 range. We love the Chrysler Building print!

After an afternoon of shopping and sushi train we headed off to the Ellery show down at Fox studios. After a chilly 45 minute wait outside we were finally seated, and Ellery failed to disappoint. Glitter, feathers, and music so loud it made your belly rumble. High heels, flared hems and short shorts atypical of Ellery’s rock n’ roll glam aesthetic. We can’t wait for the collection to arrive in store! See a video snippet of the parade here.

RAFW Day One…

Rudely early on Monday we landed in sunny Sydney, completely overdressed and layered up like typical Melbournites.

A mutual first RAFW 2010 showing was with above. who had set up their showroom from the Meriton World Towers… On the 71st floor! The collection had a bit of an oversized, vintage vibe and  was all about shapes that could be worn a multitude of ways depending on the wearers taste. We are loving their colour pallette of clay reds mixed with slatey grey and blues.

We returned to ground level and trotted off to see the incredible new Tina Kalivas collection, complete with freestanding teepee (which will be making an appearance at Alice in the near future). The range was true to Tina’s aesthetic – sharply tailored, bold, colourful and super sexy.

Next up was the first runway show featuring Alice’s newest addition for SS11, Carly Hunter. Read the amazing write up she got by Kat George, who has been blogging her little brains out!